ReLay Whiteboards go wherever you go!

Creative Freedom

Whiteboards provide the ultimate freedom for creativity. ReLay Reusable Whiteboards are easily erasable, portable, clear, and concise.


Your Notes can be used with a variety of markers and in a multitude of situations, leaving you free to let your imagination run the show.

Shine Bright!

Launch yourself into the spotlight at your next Design Sprint or Planning Session. Portable whiteboards allow your ideas to shine.


What Kind of markers can I use with my ReLay Tiles?

Effectively, any marker is compatible with Schtuck Notes. Traditional dry erase markers wipe off easily. We like wet erase markers for notes that don't smudge easily, and indelible markers (e.g. Sharpie Markers) for notes that are more permanent. A little bit of rubbing alcohol and elbow grease can remove Sharpie from Schtuck Notes.

Do you ship to Europe?

We currently ship to the USA and Canada. We're working on global shipping and hope to have that set up in early 2024.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do! Please reach out to us by email to

Are ReLay Whiteboards magnetic?

Nope...our whiteboards use a cool material called nanotape - some people call it microsuction tape. It's a thin film that has microscopic air pockets that act like suction cups. It will stick to any relatively smooth surface.

Do ReLay Reusable Whiteboards come in any other color than white?

Not at this point. We are considering expanding our product offerings in the near future.

Can I use a ballpoint pen with your whiteboards?

Unfortunately, traditional pen and pencil don't play nice with the shiny plastic surface. But, we do think you'll appreciate the high contrast visibility when you use a marker. If you need something thin like a pencil, there are some really nice thin-tipped wet and dry erase options out there.

What our Customers are Telling Us

Busy Mom

"I am a busy, working mom and I use ReLay Tiles to stay connected with my kids!"

- Alana F.

Organic Farmstand Signage

"We love that we can use a product that matches our values."

- Emily & Jen